2014-2015 Visiting Student Course Catalog

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The McGovern Medical School at Houston welcomes visiting senior medical students to its senior elective program.

Full instructions here.

The McGovern Medical School at Houston uses VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service, to receive visiting student applications for the 2014-2015 academic year. Applications may be submitted through VSAS starting on May 1, 2014. Students will be notified of their acceptance via email sometime in June after UT students are placed. To apply to our institution, please complete and send us a VSAS application for your preferred electives and dates.

For more information on our visiting student electives, please contact Jamie Munsinger at mailto:jamie.d.munsinger@uth.tmc.eduor 713-500-5167.

For more information on VSAS, please visit www.aamc.org/vsas or contact VSAS at vsas@aamc.org or (202) 478-9878.

Full instructions here.


The electives are one-month in duration beginning on the first day of each calendar month and ending on the last day of that month.  Visiting students are limited to no more than two (2) one-month electives.  Approval to rotate at The University of Texas at Houston is granted solely by the Office of Student Affairs.  Approvals obtained directly from department coordinators will not be honored.

If you are applying for the senior year beginning July 2014, you should know that departments do not review elective applications until UT-HMS students’ schedules are finalized which will occur by the end of May 2015.  After that time all applications will be processed as soon as all the required materials and verifications are received. International students are not accepted for the month of July, August, or September.


The following must be ORIGINAL documents in English.  Fax copies will NOT be accepted.

  1. Official medical school transcript.  (Must list courses taken and notation of level of achievement in each course.)
  2. Dean’s letter and two clinical faculty letters of recommendation.
  3. Please provide a copy of your official USMLE Step 1 score report to include all pages.
  4. Verification that you have completed all your clinical rotations which include OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine.
  5. Verification of malpractice insurance coverage (available thru UT-HSC for a small fee if your school does not cover you for electives at other institutions).  If purchasing through UT-HSC, you must submit a letter with your application stating that you will purchase coverage on your first day.
  6. Verification of immunizations, including the completion of Hepatitis B vaccination series or proof of immunity.
  7. Proof of health insurance coverage; photocopy of both sides of document to include full coverage details.
  8. Medical evacuation and repatriation coverage (available through The University of Texas.)  If purchasing through UT-HSC, you must submit a letter with your application stating that you will purchase coverage on your first day.
  9. If you are attending medical school in a country whose official language is NOT English, you must provide either a notarized statement that English is your native language OR a certificate of completion of a course in the English language stating your proficiency in written and spoken English.
  10. A $250 (USD) per month non-refundable application fee for each application.  Application fee must be paid using a money order drawn on a U.S. bank and made payable to “UT-HSC”.  Please do not send personal check or cash.  There is a $100 (USD) charge for any change to your approved application, and requires a new application form to be submitted with payment.
  11. Imprint of your official school seal is required on the application.
  12. All above mentioned documents and application fee must be received in the Office of Student Affairs at least four months before the requested elective start date.
  13. Upon approval for a medical elective and in accordance with university policies and federal regulations, all non-U.S. citizens must follow directions from the University of Texas Office of International Affairs.  Upon acceptance for a medical elective an international visitor advisor from The University of Texas Office of International Affairs will contact you to provide you with vital information on how to apply for your F-1 Student Visa, which is the ONLY (student) visa accepted by this institution.   If your visa is granted, your first obligation under the F-1 visa mandates a visit to the University of Texas Office of International Affairs upon your arrival in Houston.

If you need further information, please contact Jamie Munsinger at (713) 500-5167 or mailto:Jamie.d.munsinger@uth.tmc.edu.

A listing of open courses can be found by selecting the department listed below, and then clicking on the Open Sections link. Course coordinators have the approval codes for add/drop, and you can find their contact information under each department, or by clicking the link above.