Center for Advanced Microscopy opens Nikon Center of Excellence

By Roman Petrowski, Office of Communications

Nikon Center of Excellence

The Center for Advanced Microscopy, one of the UTHealth Research Service Centers, held its official Grand Opening on July 24 to unveil new instruments inside the new Nikon Center of Excellence (COE) at UTHealth located inside McGovern Medical School in room MSB 4.532.

“We are very proud to have this partnership with UTHealth,” said Adiv Johnson, Nikon National Confocal Manager and Director of the COE Program. “We’re here to help support the research and facilitate the great work that you’re all doing here.”

The center’s equipment now consists of:

  • Nikon A1Rsi Confocal Laster Microscope System, TIRF, and n-STORM: spectral and resonant scanner confocal system combined with Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) and super-resolution Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM).
  • Nikon n-SIM: structured illumination super-resolution microscope system
  • Nikon A1 Confocal Laser Microscope System + PicoQuant: confocal microscope with additional platform for assessing fluorescence lifetime
  • Nikon A1R Confocal Laser Microscope System: with spectral and resonant detectors

“There have been a lot of technological advances, but the core technology that really has advanced our understanding of how biology actually happens at the unicellular level is microscopy,” Vice Dean of Basic Research John F. Hancock, MB, BChir, PhD, said. “From the first microscope and actually seeing what a cell looked like, to where we are now. We’ve had a long connection with Nikon ever since I first came here. We’ve built on that. This new interaction with Nikon has allowed us to get their best imaging systems.”

A Nikon Center of Excellence is a partnership and exchange of knowledge with selected research centers around the world that invest in Nikon advanced imaging instruments to provide young researchers access to the latest optical systems. In addition to providing access to state-of-the-art Nikon microscopy and imaging equipment, the center will offer training courses on basic and advanced light microscopy techniques and introduce the latest innovations in light microscopy and imaging.

The center is a fee-based facility that provides equipment that academic and commercial entities can use in the Texas Medical Center. Over the past two years, since the facility has been working to become a Center of Excellence, more than 100 individuals, representing over 50 labs have used the equipment.

For more information about the Nikon Center of Excellence, contact Kandice Levental at or 713-500-6318.