In an effort to help UTHealth employees continue to build professional skills to advanced their career path, UTHealth has launched LinkedIn Learning for all employees.

With insights from LinkedIn based on an employee’s job title and skillset, Linkedin Learning delivers a personalized learning experience which highlights content to help individuals succeed in their given role.

LinkedIn Learning features over 15,000 courses taught in seven different languages and adds more than 60 new courses every week. Lessons are designed to be interactive, social, and to increase learner engagement and produce better results.

Linkedin Learning is available on all desktop and mobile devices and can be used in offline mode so employees can learn while traveling or commuting. Courses are categorized into business, technology, and creative topics, can certification programs are available for more than 30 companies.

UTHealth employees have two options for connecting to LinkedIn Learning:

  1. For active LinkedIn users, you will be prompted to connect your current LinkedIn profile to the LinkedIn Learning account through UTHealth.
  • When connecting your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, your personal profile will remain private, and you maintain control of your account privacy settings. UTHealth will only see your name, job title, email, and new learning history. Additional privacy details are available online.
  • Once you connect your account, you will be able to view your previous learning history as well as any new courses you take at UTHealth.
  • LinkedIn Learning will also have the ability to recommend courses specifically tailored to you. Additionally, you can choose to add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile under the Licenses and Certifications section.
  1. For new LinkedIn users, this is a great opportunity to create an account. Additional information to sign up for a free LinkedIn account are available online.

For all users, to activate your LinkedIn Learning account:

  • Click the link:
  • For new users, the option to click the “Sign in with Single Sign-On” blue button will appear.
  • Enter your UTHealth username and password.

If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account, follow the next steps:

  • Select “Connect my LinkedIn account.” This action is required to incorporate any previous learning history. Otherwise, it is optional if you do not wish to access previously completed courses.
  • Log in with your LinkedIn profile username and password.

If you have any questions, please contact the Learning and Development Team at