Scoop Image 04/16/20The Graduate Student Education Committee at McGovern Medical School has named six students from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Science as the recipients of the 2020 Dean’s Research Scholarship Awards.

This year’s winners (and their mentors) are:
First Place: Ryan Durham (Vasanthi Jayaraman, PhD), Biochemistry and Cell Biology Program
Second Place: Natasha Kharas (Valentin Dragoi, PhD), Neuroscience Program
Third Place: Alexandra Berroyer (Nayun Kim, PhD), Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Program
Fourth Place: Junsuk Ko (Michael Blackburn, PhD), Biochemistry and Cell Biology Program
Fifth Place: Pedram Honarphisheh (Louise McCullough, MD, PhD) and Alexis Mobley (Jarek Aronowski, MD, PhD, and McCullough), Neuroscience Program

For finishing first and second, respectively, Durham and Kharas will present their research at the upcoming McGovern Medical School Research Retreat.