Covid-19 digestMcGovern Medical Students from the Infectious Disease Interest Group have created the “Weekly Digest of COVID-19 Guidelines,” an electronic newsletter to help health care professionals and students at UTHealth stay abreast of the latest information regarding best practices in COVID-19 care.

Led by faculty adviser and professor of medicine, Luis Ostrosky, MD, a team of four students from the interest group, Kyle Crop, MS2 and president of the Infectious Disease Interest Group; Olivia Weiner, MS2 and vice president of the Infectious Disease Interest Group; Alex Aronowitz, MS1; and Isabela Bumanlag, MS1; have volunteered to help disseminate information to the UTHealth community.

“It is vital that those on the front lines be equipped with the latest from the unsteady landscape of COVID-19 information, and it only makes sense to be efficient about it,” Crop said. “Why have thousands of professionals spent their precious time tracking the latest guidelines, when students can do it for them?”

The students selected four major agencies to follow, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). Each student monitors one organization for updates regarding COVID-19, filters them for relative significance to health care workers, and compiles a list for Ostrosky. The list of updates is then circulated via email each Friday by McGovern’s Office of Communications.

“Our selected health organizations publish pretty extensive updated guidelines every few days or so on COVID with regards to public health, research, treatment, and quality reporting and incident management,” Weiner said. “It’s easy to get inundated in all that information.”

To be added to the COVID-19 digest email list, please send a request to