organizational/institutional leadership award

McGovern Medical School was selected as the 2020 Organizational/Institutional Leadership Award winner by the Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians Initiative (BNGAP) at its Mid-Year Pre-Faculty Development Conference.

“We are honored to be recognized as the 2020 recipient of the Organizational/Institutional Leadership Award,” said Asia McCleary-Gaddy, PhD, director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry. “This year has been challenging to say the least, however our mission remains the same. Diversifying the academic medicine workforce is just one of the ways we can begin to address the disparities we see.”

McGovern received a unanimous vote to be selected as the 2020 winner. The Organizational/Institutional Leadership Award recognizes a health-related organization or institution that has led activities to promote the development of a diverse pre-faculty workforce.

BNGAP is an organization dedicated to helping diverse medical students and residents become aware of academic medicine as a career option and providing them with the resources to further explore and potentially embark on an academic medicine career.

In addition to its past ventures, McGovern most recently hosted BNGAP College for the 2020 interns of the Summer Health Profession Education Program. Across two days, 80 underrepresented in medicine, pre-medicine, pre-nursing, and pre-dental students were exposed to the path and requirements needed to be successful in academic medicine. Interns engaged in small group activities, discussions, and reflection.

For BNGAP College, five summer tutors from the Medical School were responsible for the mentorship of all 80 interns and were integral in creating and editing the reading resources that paired with the BNGAP College curriculum. These same tutors, along with underrepresented in medicine faculty members from medicine, nursing, and dentistry, facilitated the workshops and led small groups discussion and reflection.