Spiegel wins Joe Niekro Foundation award

By Roman Petrowski, Office of Communications

Dr. Gary Spiegel Joe Niekro Foundation
Gary Spiegel, MD, received the Patient Choice Award from the Joe Niekro Foundation April 10 at the Houston Knuckle Ball. (Photo by Charlie Horse Photos)

Gary Spiegel, MD, associate professor in the Department of Neurology received the Patient Choice Award from the Joe Niekro Foundation at the annual Houston Knuckle Ball, April 10.

“I am honored and grateful to receive this recognition from this group, the Joe Niekro Foundation, that was founded by a daughter who lost her father to a ruptured brain aneurysm, Joe Niekro,” Spiegel said. “The group look to support other patients and families with similar cerebrovascular conditions and it continues to be largely made up of patients and their families who have suffered similarly. To be recognized by such a group is truly an honor.”

The foundation’s Patient’s Choice Award recognizes a neurological medical professional for their ongoing efforts in the long-term support of patient’s and families and is nominated by the foundation’s survivor community. The award is presented at the annual Knuckle Ball.

Spiegel earned his medical degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and completed his residency in diagnostic radiology at New York University Medical Center in New York. His practices encompasses the full scope and breadth of adult and pediatric neurointerventional  treatments for brain, spine, head, and neck conditions with a focus on endovascular treatments for brain aneurysms.

The Joe Niekro Foundation is committed to supporting patients and families, research, treatment, and awareness of brain aneurysms, AVMs, and hemorrhagic strokes. The foundation provides education on the risk factors, causes, and treatments of these conditions, while funding the advancement of neurological research.