First Year Callie Simon Facing unprecedented changes, McGovern students press on

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the day-to-day lives of people all over the world. Health care workers are on the front lines, businesses are closed, and people are encouraged to stay home. Despite life being turned upside down, the students at McGovern Medical School, whose curriculum has shifted entirely online, are showing resiliency in finding […]

Sewing a mask Medical experts answer common questions about COVID-19

As new data on COVID-19 continues to roll out on a daily basis, questions are asked about who’s at risk, how it’s being transmitted, and what additional precautions people need to take. Experts at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) help break it down. How the virus spreads According to the World […]

Managing Anxiety Managing stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

While we are all focusing on taking care of our physical health as the outbreak of COVID-19 develops, it’s also important to keep our mental health a priority. When there is a major concern for ourselves or our loved ones falling ill, the emotional impact of that can be great. It’s human nature to want […]

Myth Pic Facts versus fiction – breaking down COVID-19 myths

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, rumors and misinformation about the virus seem to be spreading just as quickly, if not more quickly, than the virus itself. In the midst of a pandemic, false information can be dangerous and lead to panic, making it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. Experts with The University of […]

Epidemics from plague to coronavirus

Michael Yafi, MD, director of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, offers a historical context of epidemics in this essay. It was first published by the Hektoen international online journal. Throughout history humanity has faced many epidemics and pandemics that caused panic and massive casualties. Although in modern times pathogens have shifted from bacteria to viruses, […]