Rising STAR brings research into cellular stress response to McGovern Medical School

A leading expert in aging-related protein misfolding diseases is bringing her research to the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology at McGovern Medical School, as part of the UT Rising STARs Award program.

Faculty are invited to sign up for Grants 101 and Grants 102 to refine their grant and proposal skills. Grants 101 and 102 Workshops returning soon

Junior faculty members seeking to refine their skills in developing research proposals should turn their attention to the New Investigator Development Program (NIDP) and the upcoming Grants 101 and 102 workshops.

Dr. John Harvin QI project leads to pioneering clinical trial

Using an innovative quality improvement project to determine how to design an effective emergency trauma clinical trial, a team of surgeons at McGovern Medical School was able to launch the first-ever study on a high-risk damage control surgery for critical abdominal injuries.

Rising STAR researching role of cis-regulatory variation in disease risk

The Center for Human Genetics at the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine at McGovern Medical School welcomed a new researcher this year through the UT Rising STARs program who aims to better understand genetic mechanisms behind cardiovascular disease through an innovative research program.

Utay receives Campbell Foundation grant

The Campbell Foundation named Netanya Utay, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, as the recipient of a $75,000 grant to study the role lymph node fibrosis may play in HIV eradication.

Cryo-electron research published in PLOS Biology

Two McGovern Medical School faculty members contributed to research now published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) Biology Journal, as part of a first-authored paper written by UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences alumna Tara Fischer, Ph.D.

Parchem wins SMFM Scholarship Award

The Foundation for Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Foundation (AAOGF) selected Jacqueline Parchem, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, for the 2019-22 Foundation for SMFM/AAOGF Scholarship Award for her project “Modulation of Neural Tube Development by Amniotic Fluid Exosomes.”

Probiotics study to help treat autistic children’s GI issues, behavior

A small clinical trial underway at McGovern Medical School is testing the hypothesis that probiotics can help improve gastrointestinal symptoms of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Henry Wang, M.D. Emergency resuscitation device increases cardiac arrest survival rate, study reports

When paramedics resuscitated cardiac arrest patients with a new type of breathing tube, their patients were more likely to survive, according to a McGovern Medical School-led study in a late August edition of JAMA.

Pinpoint Brain Networks Scientists pinpoint brain networks responsible for naming objects

Scientists at McGovern Medical School have identified the brain networks that allow you to think of an object name and then verbalize that thought. The study appeared in the July issue of BRAIN. It represents a significant advance in the understanding of how the brain connects meaning to words and will help the planning of brain surgeries.