BMB annual retreat winners

BMB annual retreat faculty organizers, poster & flash talk winners and department Chair, from left to right: Assistant Professor Seung-Hee (Sally) Yoo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Harry Karmouty-Quintana, Ph.D., Instructor Hai Li, Ph.D., GSBS student Jeanne Manalo, Postdoctoral Fellow Autumn Marsden, Ph.D., GSBS student Jie (Jessica) Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow Christopher Schafer, Ph.D., Randika Parakramaweera, GSBS student Ryan Durham, and Professor and Chairman, Rodney Kellems, Ph.D.

March 1-2, 2018

In the spring, faculty, postdoctoral research fellows, students, visitors and staff escape to the Texas Hill Country to enjoy professional and social activities away from the laboratory setting. This is just one of the many activities designed to enhance the training of our students and postdocs and to learn of our colleagues’ current and future research. This year’s retreat was no different. Thanks to all who participated and helped out with the retreat. The scientific exchange and social interactions were tops.

Posters and talks were presented by not only graduate students, postdocs, visiting students and scientists but also research track and senior faculty members. Special thanks to all the judges and to Rich Kulmacz for his help in reporting the scores! Congratulations to all on giving superb oral and poster presentations.


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