The major goal of the Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) Graduate Program is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to develop research and scholarly skills that will prepare them for careers as biomedical researchers.  There are a number of resources and events available through the program and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences to aid students in navigating their path towards their Ph.D.

This web site is designed to provide students with quick and easy access to information and forms that will assist them in planning and implementing the various tasks associated with their graduate studies.  The drop down menus above will guide you to important information on curriculumcandidacy exams and schedules for seminars and other events.  In addition, there are links to faculty research pages and contact information, as well as departmental and scientific center information.

Rebecca Berdeaux, Ph.D.
Director, Biochemistry and Cell Biology Graduate Program
Telephone: 713-500-5653

Current and Past Students

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