The Structural Biology Imaging Center and Thermo Fisher Scientific are pleased to announce the 2018 Symposium:


Electron Cryo-Microscopy Advances: Imaging Cells to Atoms

Invited Speakers:

Scott Stagg (Florida State)
Jeffery Lengyel (Thermo Fisher)
Tamir Gonen (UCLA)
Xiaochen Bai (UT Southwestern)
Steve Ludtke (Baylor College of Medicine)
Pawel Penczek (UTHealth)
Irina Serysheva (UTHealth)

April 4th 2018
BioScience Research Collaborative Building Room 280
Lunch provided to pre-registered attendees


Irina Serysheva (UTHealth)  •   Mariah Baker (UTHealth)   •   Pawel Penczek (UTHealth)   •   Jayne Little  (UTHealth)
Vanessa Floyd  (UTHealth)   •   Tony Carpenter (Thermo Fisher)   •   Jeff Lengyel  (Thermo Fisher)



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