Friday, March 1, 2019

Session 1: Cardiogenic Shock – A Multi-Organ System Failure

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: B. Kar, H. Jneid
Session Moderators: M. Mooney, H.V. Anderson, D. Baran, J. Udelson, M. Patarroyo, M. Akay

1:00–1:05 Welcome from the Director/Chairs
1:05–1:15 G. Colasurdo: The Future of Academic Medicine
1:15–1:23 D. Baran: Defining the Spectrum of Cardiogenic Shock
1:23–1:35 Discussion
1:35–1:43 A. Bhimaraj: Cardiogenic Shock in The Advanced Heart Failure Patient
1:43–1:53 Discussion
1:53–2:00 Case: P. Mudigonda: Giant Cell Myocarditis
2:00–2:08 I. Rajapreyar: Cardiogenic Shock in the Setting of Fulminant Myocarditis
2:08–2:17 Discussion
2:17–2:25 H.V. Anderson: Cardiogenic Shock in ACS Patients: Insights from Registry Data
2:25–2:35 Discussion
2:35–2:43 A. Shah: Classification of Cardiogenic Shock: Is there a Universal Definition?
2:43–2:55 Discussion
2:55–3:03 H. Jneid: Cardiogenic Shock: Is it Time for a New Definition?
3:03–3:15 Discussion
3:15–3:30 Coffee Break

Session 2: Cardiogenic Shock 2 – A Multi-Organ System Failure

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: D. De Baker and J. Estep
Session Moderators: K. Dinh, S. Nathan, J. Jentzer, D. Feldman, JE. Rame, I. Rajapreyar

3:30–3:37 S. Hollenberg: Critical Care Management of the Shock Patient
3:37–3:45 Discussion
3:45–3:52 C. Alviar: Ventilation Strategies in Cardiogenic Shock—A Cardiologist’s Perspective
3:52–4:00 Discussion
4:00–4:07 A. Kazory: Cardio-renal Syndromes
4:07–4:15 Discussion
4:15–4:22 J. Estep: Renal Replacement Therapy in Cardiogenic Shock
4:22–4:30 Discussion
4:30–4:37 J. Hernandez-Montfort: Cardio-hepatic Syndrome
4:37–4:45 Discussion
4:45–4:52 J. Jentzer: Intracranial Syndromes in Cardiogenic Shock
4:52–5:00 Discussion

Saturday, March 2, 2019

7:00–8:00 Complimentary Breakfast

Session 3: Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices in Shock

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: M. Slepian, D. Burkhoff
Session Moderators: B. Kar, J. Zwischenberger, L. Simpson, F. Gustafsson, JP. Henriques, S. Hollenberg

8:00–8:08 S. Nathan: The Failing Heart: The State of the Right Ventricle
8:08–8:20 Discussion
8:20–8:28 M. Mooney: The Optimal Support Platform in Shock: VA ECMO
8:28–8:40 JP. Henriques: The Optimal Support Platform in Shock: Impella
8:40–8:48 S. Kumar: The Optimal Support Platform in Shock: TandemHeart
8:48–8:56 A. Civitello: The Optimal Support Platform in Shock: Let’s not forget the IABP
8:56–9:10 Discussion
9:10–9:18 D. Burkhoff: Hemodynamics of Device Therapies
9:18–9:26 Discussion
9:26–9:34 Biswajit Kar: Approach to Cardiogenic Shock Management: Should We Fully support then De-Escalate?
9:34–9:42 Sandeep Nathan: Approach to Cardiogenic Shock Management: Tailored Escalation of Support?
9:42–10:00 Discussion

10:00–10:05 B. Kar: Keynote Speaker Introduction
10:05–10:20 Key Note Address—Richard Smalling: The Role of LV Unloading in Acute Ischemic Shock: From the Bench to the Bedside
10:20–10:30 Coffee Break

Session 4: Understanding Tools in the Interventional Toolbox

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: B. Kar, J. Zwischenberger
Session Moderators: A. Shah, R. Smalling, Sandeep Nathan, M. Kiernan, JP Henriques, S. Kumar

10:30–10:37 Case: N. Aghili: Impella RP Utilization in AMI Shock
10:37–10:45 Discussion
10:45–10:52 Case: S. Arain: A Complex STEMI with MV Disease and Shock
10:52–11:00 Discussion
11:00–11:07 Case: A. Rali: VA ECMO: A Little Too Late?
11:07–11:15 Discussion
11:15–11:22 Case: S. Basra: Mitral and Tricuspid Clip in Cardiogenic Shock
11:22–11:30 Discussion
11:30–11:38 Case: M. Patel: Advantages of Impella 5.0 as a bridge to LVAD Therapy: A Surgeon’s perspective
11:38–11:45 Discussion
11:45–11:52 Case: I. Salas: VV ECMO Utilization in Hypoxic Trauma Patients
11:52–12:00 Discussion
12:15–1:00 Complimentary Lunch

Session 5: Cardiogenic Shock From Innovation to Clinical Trials

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: J. Udelson, D. Feldman
Session Moderators: K. Rajagopal, JE. Rame, L. Simpson, F. Gustafsson, D. De Baker, J. Salazar

1:00–1:08 JE. Rame: Reversing Metabolic Pathways in Advanced Heart Failure and Shock
1:08–1:20 Discussion
1:20–1:28 Z. Wu: Minimizing SIRS Response to Device Therapies from a Biomedical Engineering Perspective
1:28–1:40 Discussion
1:40–1:48 H. Borovetz: Do Pediatrics respond differently to Device Therapies than Adults?
1:48–2:00 Discussion
2:00–2:08 M. Slepian: Blood—Device Interaction in the Shock State
2:08–2:20 Discussion
2:20–2:28 F. Gustafsson: The Economics of Cardiogenic Shock Management
2:28–2:40 Discussion
2:40–2:48 J. Udelson: Designing the Ideal Contemporary Cardiogenic Shock Trial
2:48–3:00 Discussion
3:00–3:15 Coffee Break

Session 6: When Things Go South Despite Support

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: A. El-Banayosy, B. Kar
Session Moderators: M. Kiernan, S. Nathan, F. Gustafsson, JP. Henriques, J. Estep, C. Patel

3:15–3:22 K. Rajagopal: Post Cardiotomy Shock: Best Exit Strategies in the OR
3:22–3:32 Discussion
3:32–3:39 M. McMullan: When More Cannulas and Devices are necessary in a VA ECMO Patient: When should we unload the Left Ventricle
3:39–3:50 Discussion
3:50–3:57 J. Zwischenberger: When my VA ECMO supported patient is still hypotensive and hypoxic
3:57–4:07 Discussion
4:07–4:14 M. Kiernan: Continuous low flow alarms and hypotension following LVAD implantation
4:14–4:24 Discussion
4:24–4:31 D. Feldman: Post Cardiac Transplant Shock—Optimal Therapies for severe PGD
4:31–4:41 Discussion
4:41–4:48 D. De Baker: Adjunct Pharmacotherapies in Device Supported Patients: Does Drug Class Matter?
4:48–4:58 Discussion
4:58–5:05 Case L. Bibas: A Storm is Brewing
5:05–5:13 Discussion
5:13–5:20 S. Sharma: Medical management of VT Storm in Shock
5:20–5:27 H. Hariharan: Ablative therapies of VT Storm in Shock
5:27–5:35 Discussion

Sunday, March 3, 2019

7–8:00 Complimentary Breakfast

Session 7: Device Trouble Shooting Q&A Session

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Q&A Moderators: M. Akay, R. Hussain
Q&A Discussants: S. Kumar, I. Salas, K. Rajagopal, M. Patel, S. Nathan, K. Dinh

7:30–8:15 B. Akkanti: Bedside Mechanical Circulatory Support Device Troubleshooting

Session 8: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: JP Henriques, B. Kar
Session Moderators: M. Jumean, S. Basra, M. McMullan, D. Feldman, D. Baran

8:15–8:22 M. Ayers: Hemodynamically Unstable Massive Pulmonary Embolism
8:22–8:30 Discussion
8:30–8:37 Case: P. Duvvuri: A 31 year old lady with Bad Luck
8:37–8:45 Discussion
8:45–8:52 Case: D. Lu: Bi-Pella Support in Thyroid Cardiomyopathy
8:52–9:00 Discussion
9:00–9:07 Case: S. Kuchibhotla: A Unique Case of Cardiomyopathy with BiV Support
9:07–9:15 Discussion
9:15–9:22 Case: B. Kelemen: An uncommon cause of AMI Shock
9:22–9:30 Discussion
9:30–9:37 Case: S. Patnaik: Impella 5.0 interaction with Mitral Valve Apparatus
9:37–9:45 Discussion
9:45–9:52 Case: A. Almustafa: Impella Support is not always straight forward
9:52–10:00 Discussion
10:00–10:07 Case: N. Marah: Embolisms with TandemHeart Support
10:07–10:15 Discussion
10:15–10:22 Case: A. Bergeron: VA-ECMO: Limb Ischemia
10:22–10:30 Discussion
10:30–10:37 Case: S. Jaganathan: A Rare Complication of VA-ECMO
10:37–10:45 Discussion
10:45–11:00 Coffee Break

Session 9: Pre-Hospital, Post-hospital Shock Management

Location: Greenway Ballroom
Session Chairs: B. Kar, D. Persse
Session Moderators: A. Bhimaraj, HV. Anderson, F. Gustafsson, S. Hollenberg, D. Pile, H. Wang

11:00–11:07 A. El-Banayosy: Essential Components of a Cardiogenic Shock Team
11:07–11:15 Discussion
11:15–11:22 D. Persse: Pre-Hospital EMS Management of Cardiogenic Shock
11:22–11:30 Discussion
11:30–11:37 M. Jumean: Cardiogenic Shock Initiative
11:37–11:45 Discussion
11:45–11:52 H Wang: Regionalizing Shock Care: Lessons from Trauma, Stroke and Myocardial Infarction
11:52–12:00 Discussion
12:00–12:07 D. Skolkin: Non-Device, Non-Pharmacologic Therapies in the Critically Ill Patient
12:07–12:15 Discussion
12:15–1:00 Complimentary Lunch and Adjourn