Saturday, April 7, 2018

7:00–8:00 a.m. Breakfast

Session 1: Surviving Cardiogenic Shock

Moderators: B. Kar, H. Jneid
Panel: J. Katz, D. De Baker, D. Feldman, S. Hollenberg, J. Zwischenberger, I. Gregoric

7:55–8:00 a.m. M. Jumean: Welcome From the Director
8:00–8:10 a.m. H. Jneid: Cardiogenic Shock: The Cardiologist’s Holy Grail
8:10–8:20 a.m. Discussion
8:20–8:30 a.m. D. De Baker: Pathophysiology of Cardiogenic Shock – A closer Look at the SIRS Response
8:30–8:45 a.m. Discussion
8:45–8:55 a.m. F. Smart: Advances in the Medical Management of Cardiogenic Shock
8:55–9:10 a.m. Discussion
9:10–9:20 a.m. I. Gregoric: Classification of Cardiogenic Shock
9:20–9:35 a.m. Discussion
9:35–9:45 a.m. J. Zwischenberger: Has ECMO Improved Survival in Cardiogenic Shock?
9:45–10:00 a.m. Discussion
10:00–10:10 a.m. J. Katz: What is missing in the Cardiogenic Shock Guidelines?
10:10–10:25 a.m. Discussion

10:25–10:40 a.m. Coffee Break

Session 2: A Deep Dive into the Hemodynamics of Shock

Moderators: D. De Baker, D. Mann
Panel: D. Burkhoff, K. Rajagopal, S. Hollenberg, S. Nathan, F. Smart, J. Zwischenberger

10:40–10:50 a.m. D. Mann: Beyond the Basics: Novel Invasive Hemodynamic Markers of the Failing Heart
10:50–11:05 a.m. Discussion
11:05–11:15 a.m. S. Hollenberg: Invasive Hemodynamic Assessment Limitations in the Era of Percutaneous MCS
11:15–11:35 a.m. Discussion
11:35–11:45 a.m. D. Burkhoff: Which Side is Failing: Putting all the Pieces Together
11:45–12:00 p.m. Discussion

12:00–12:15 p.m. Coffee Break

Keynote Address

O.H. Bud Fraizer
12:15–12:30 p.m.

12:30–1:30 p.m. Lunch

Session 3: Acute Shock—Catheter Based Interventions

Moderators: F. Smart, V. Menon
Panel: Jacob Jentzer, R. Smalling, Igor Gregoric, D. De Baker, S. Kumar, J. Lasala

1:30–1:40 p.m. A. Civitello: Utility of Counterpulsation in AMI Shock in the Current Era
1:40–1:55 p.m. Discussion
1:55–2:05 p.m. R. Smalling: AMI Shock: Transition from Door to Reperfuse to Door to Unload, Are We There Yet?
2:05–2:20 p.m. Discussion
2:20–2:30 p.m. B. Kar: Mechanical Complications of AMI: Percutaneous Approaches to Management
2:30–2:45 p.m. Discussion
2:45–2:55 p.m. V. Menon: Cardiac Angiography Following Cardiac Arrest – What is the Best Practice?
2:55–3:05 p.m. Discussion
3:05–3:15 p.m. J. Lasala: MitraClip Implantation in Low Cardiac Output Patients: Where Do We Stand?
3:15–3:25 p.m. Discussion
3:25–3:35 p.m. S. Sharma: Catheter Based Intervention: Electrical Storm Management in Cardiogenic Shock—When to Intervene
3:35–3:45 p.m. R. Hariharan: Catheter Based Intervention: Electrical Storm Management in Cardiogenic Shock—When Not to Intervene
3:45–3:55 p.m. Discussion

3:55–4:10 p.m. Coffee Break

Session 4: The Right Ventricle

Moderators: S. Hollenberg, J. Estep
Panel: D. Mann, D. Feldman, D. Baran, J. Katz, R. Kociol, S. Nathan

4:10–4:20 p.m. M. Jumean: Right Ventricular Assessment in Cardiogenic Shock
4:20–4:30 p.m. Discussion
4:30–4:40 p.m. R. Kociol: Invasive Hemodynamics of Right Ventricular Failure
4:40–4:50 p.m. Discussion
4:50–5:00 p.m. G. Torre-Amione: Right Ventricular Failure following LVAD implantation
5:00–5:10 p.m. Discussion
5:10–5:20 p.m. J. Jentzer: Medical Management of Right Ventricular Failure in Shock: Closer Look at Septic Shock
5:20–5:30 p.m. Discussion
5:30–5:40 p.m. D. Baran: Percutaneous MCS Options for Right Ventricular Support
5:40–5:55 p.m. Discussion


Sunday, April 8, 2018

7:00–8:00 a.m. Breakfast

Session 5: Early Bird Session: Beyond the Heart

Moderators: S. Hollenberg, J. Jentzer
Panel: S. Nathan, D. De Baker, D. Feldman, R. Hussein, J. Patel

7:15–7:25 a.m. K. Stelling: Case Presentation
7:25–7:30 a.m. Discussion
7:30–7:40 a.m. C. Morris: Nursing Perspective on Management of pMCS Patients in the ICU
7:40–7:45 a.m. Discussion
7:45–7:55 a.m. B. Akkanti: Medical Management of Shock Patients in the ICU: Intensivists Perspective
7:55–8:00 a.m. Discussion

Session 6: Post Cardiotomy Shock

Moderators: I. Gregoric, J. Maly
Panel: J. Zwischenberger, D. Ramzy, D. Pham, A. El-Banayosy, R. Kociol, M. Slepian

8:00–8:10 a.m. J. Maly: Post Cardiotomy Shock – What Changed Since First Bypass Surgery?
8:10–8:25 a.m. Discussion
8:25–8:35 a.m. l. Salas: Case Presentation
8:35–8:50 a.m. Discussion
8:50–9:00 a.m. M. Patel: The Case of the Longest CPR Ever
9:00–9:10 a.m. Discussion
9:10–9:15 a.m. H. Kagawa: Case Presentation
9:15–9:20 a.m. Discussion
9:20–9:30 a.m. D. Pham: Best Temporary MCS Strategy to Bridge to Permanent Assist Device Therapy: A Surgeons Perspective
9:30–09:45 a.m. Discussion
09:45–09:55 a.m. M. Akay: On Pump vs. Off pump LVAD Implantation in Resuscitated Shock Patients
09:55–10:10 a.m. Discussion
10:10–10:20 a.m. S. Nathan: When the LVAD Patient Presents in Shock – Diagnostic Dilemmas
10:20–10:30 a.m. Discussion

10:30–10:40 a.m. Coffee Break

Challenging Case Presentation Session

Moderators: B. Kar, D. Mann
Panel: V. Menon, Sandeep Nathan, F. Smart, J. Zwischenberger
Location: The Monet

8:30–8:40 a.m. Case 1: Abdallah El-Sabbagh: Post-Infarction VSD: Management of Shock in the Contemporary Era
8:40–8:55 a.m. Discussion
8:55–9:05 a.m. Case 2: Nils Johnson: Any Given Sunday
9:05–9:20 a.m. Discussion
9:20–9:30 a.m. Case 3: Neeti Reddy: RV Failure necessitating pMCS support
9:30–9:45 a.m. Discussion
9:45–9:55 a.m. Case 4: Minn Mudigonda: Rescue Therapy in Acute Pulmonary Hypertension related to Sickle Cell Disease
9:55–10:10 a.m. Discussion
10:10–10:20 a.m. Case 5: Rob Schutt: AMI Shock: Ideal MCS Choice
10:20–10:35 a.m. Discussion
10:35–10:45 a.m. Case 6: Ajay Srivastava: Impella Weaning
10:45–11:00 a.m. Discussion
11:00–11:10 a.m. Case 7: Ahmed Al-Mustafa: Post Cardiotomy RV Failure
11:10–11:25 a.m. Discussion

Session 7: Percutaneous MCS 1—Beyond the Basics

Moderators: B. Kar, D. Feldman
Panel: M. Jumean, V. Menon, F. Smart, J. Zwischenberger, Sandeep Nathan, J. Maly

10:40–10:50 a.m. D. Burkhoff: Pressure Volume Loop Profiles in Percutaneous MCS
10:50–11:00 a.m. Discussion
11:00–11:10 a.m. D. Feldman: SVR Effects on Percutaneous MCS Device Function and its Clinical Impact
11:10–11:20 a.m. Discussion
11:20–11:30 a.m. Salman Arain: Case Presentation
11:30–11:45 a.m. Discussion
11:45–11:55 a.m. A. El-Banayosy: Predictors of Survival in VA-ECMO: Pulsatility, Biomarkers, and Beyond
11:55 a.m.–12:10 p.m. Discussion
12:10–12:20 p.m. K. Rajagopal: Clinical Markers of Increased Afterload in VA-ECMO: What the PV Loop Does not tell us
12:20–12:35 p.m. Discussion

12:35–1:30 p.m. Lunch

Session 8: Percutaneous MCS 2—Can Any Claim Superiority?

Moderators: J. Zwischenberger, B. Kar
Panel: J. Katz, D. Baran, A. El-Banayosy, S. Hollenberg, R. Kociol, B. Hathorn

1:30–1:40 p.m. M Jumean: Case Presentation: LVAD Complication with LM Thrombosis
1:40–1:55 p.m. Discussion
1:55–2:05 p.m. M. Slepian: Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapeutic Strategies in pMCS supported patients
2:05–2:15 p.m. Discussion
2:15–2:25 p.m. Sandeep Nathan: Debate: Impella is Superior to other pMCS Devices in Cardiogenic Shock
2:25–2:35 p.m. B. Kar: Debate: TandemHeart is Superior to other pMCS Devices in Cardiogenic Shock
2:35–2:45 p.m. D. Ramzy: Debate: VA-ECMO is Superior to other pMCS Devices in Cardiogenic Shock
2:45–3:05 p.m. Discussion

3:05–3:20 p.m. Coffee Break

Session 9: Cardiogenic Shock—Future Direction and Regulation

Moderators: B. Kar, J. Estep
Panel: H. Borovetz, R. Smalling, D. Burkhoff, F. Smart, M. Slepian

3:20–3:30 p.m. H. Borovetz: Pump Design: Axial, centrifugal, or pulsatile: Does it really matter?
3:30–3:45 p.m. Discussion
3:45–3:55 p.m. J. Estep: The Heart Team Approach: Value of Good Partnership in Patient Survival
3:55–4:10 p.m. Discussion
4:10–4:20 p.m. S. Kumar: The Future of Percutaneous MCS
4:20–4:35 p.m. Discussion
4:35–4:45 p.m. B. Kar: Difficulties in Devising a Randomized Cardiogenic Shock Trial
4:45–5:05 p.m. Discussion
5:05–5:10 p.m. M. Jumean: Closing Remarks