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Center members cited in Institute of Medicine Report on patient safety

The recently released Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on “Health IT and Patient Safety: Building Safer Systems for Better Care” found that the current market forces are not adequately addressing health IT associated safety risks. Specifically, the report recommends that the Secretary of HHS should develop an action and surveillance plan to minimize risk, including funding a new Health IT Safety Council to evaluate criteria for assessing and monitoring the safe use of health IT. In addition, it calls on the HHS Secretary to recommend that Congress establish an independent federal entity for investigating patient safety deaths, serious injuries, or potentially unsafe conditions associated with health IT. Similar recommendations have been previously suggested in articles written by Center members Dean Sittig and Hardeep Singh, whose recently proposed sociotechnical model was also adapted in the IOM report. A total of eight papers by Center members Dean Sittig, Hardeep Singh, and Eric Thomas were cited in this report.

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