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Lillian S. Kao, MD, MS

Contact Information

Lillian S. Kao, MD, MS
5656 Kelley Street, Suite 30S 62008
Houston, Texas 77026

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Lillian S. Kao, MD, MS is an Associate Professor of Surgery and Critical Care at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston and a faculty member for the Center for Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine. She has two career development awards including a Robert Wood Johnson Physician Faculty Scholars Award (ending June 2009) on the prevention of surgical site infections and a NIH K23 award to perform a multi-center trial evaluating two glycemic control regimens in critically ill patients with severe soft tissue infections. She also has a grant from the University of Texas to look at checklists and surgical complications at the county hospital, LBJ General Hospital. Her research focuses on improving compliance with infection prevention guidelines in the peri-operative period, improving the methodological rigor of surgical research, and advancing the methods of surgical quality improvement assessments.

Selected Publications

  • Kao LS, Meeks DW, Moyer VA, Lally KP. Peri-operative glycemic control regimens for preventing surgical site infections in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009, Issue 3. (Publication date July 8, 2009)
  • Kao LS, Lally KP, Thomas EJ, Tyson JE. Improving quality improvement: a methodologic framework for evaluating the effectiveness of surgical quality improvement. JACS 2009; 208(4): 621-6.
  • Kao LS, Tyson JE, Blakely ML, Lally KP. Clinical Research Methodology I: Introduction to Randomized Trials. JACS 2008; 206(2): 361-9.
  • Kao LS, Thomas EJ. Navigating towards improved patient safety using aviation-based strategies. JSR 2008; 145(2): 327-35.
  • Suliburk JW, Kao LS, Kozar RA, Mercer DW. Training our future surgical scientists: a review of the literature and some recommendations. Ann Surg 2008; 247(5): 741-9.
  • Kao LS, Todd SR, Moore FA. The impact of diabetes on outcome in traumatically injured patients: an analysis of the 2004 National Trauma Data Bank. Am J Surg 2006; 192(6): 710-4.
  • Todd SR, Holcomb JB, Kozar RA, Kao LS, McNally MM, Gonzalez EA, Cocanour CS, Vercruysse GA, Lygas MH, Brasseaux BK, Moore FA. A multidisciplinary clinical pathway decreases rib fracture associated infectious morbidity and mortality in high-risk trauma patients. Am J Surg 2006; 192(6): 806-11.

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