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Madelene J. Ottosen, MSN, RN

Contact Information

Madelene J. Ottosen, PhD, MSN, RN
6410 Fannin, UPB 1100
Houston, Texas 77030-3006

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Madelene J. Ottosen, PhD, MSN, RN , is a faculty member with the UT Houston-Memorial Hermann Center for Healthcare Quality and Safety (CHQS). Her research interests lie in the exploration of organizational safety culture, the involvement of patients and family in patient safety and healthcare quality improvement and the use of qualitative and mixed methods research designs. In her recent dissertation, she developed a conceptual model for engaging parents in patient safety within the NICU which is the foundation for continued work with Dr. Jason Etchegaray to involve parents in assessing NICU safety culture. Through her collaboration with Dr. Eric Thomas, she has been involved in several qualitative projects investigating engagement strategies for patients and families affected by medical errors. Her clinical nursing experience includes over 15 years in clinical research management and collaborating in the development of a specialty nursing practice for clinical research nurses. Beyond clinical research, she has experience in cardiovascular surgery, intensive care, and healthcare management.

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