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University of Texas System Grants Program

With funding from the UT System Malpractice plan, the Committee provides awards to UT faculty to conduct research, educational initiatives, and clinical collaborations to improve healthcare quality and safety. In addition, a subcommittee selects RMF Strategies to help the UT System implement its policy on disclosure of unanticipated events to patients and family members.

Grant Awardees



  • Galit Holzmann‐Pazgal, MD‐PI, Eric Eichenwald, MD, Co‐PI & Amir Khan, MA; UTHealth: Reducing Vancomycin Use in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Kevin O. Hwang, MD‐PI & Co‐Investigator Zhongxue Chen, PhD; UTHealth: Text messaging for weight loss in primary care patients
  • Jan E. Patterson, MD, & Luci Leykum, MD, Co‐PIs; UTHSC‐SA with Collaborator Reuben R. McDaniel, Jr., EdD; UTAUS: Understanding the role of context in influencing improvement outcomes

Medical Education

  • Sandra Sanchez‐Reilly, MD‐ PI, Victoria Dittmar, MSN & Jeanette S. Ross, MD; UTHSC‐SA: PAIN‐ME‐FREE ‐ Pain Activity for Inter‐professional Nursing and Medical Student Education Focusing on Response, Effectiveness and decreasing side Effects among older adults
  • Sandra G. Adams, MD‐PI, Diego J. Maselli, MD, Pamela R. Wood, MD, Donna D. Gardner, RRT, Nicola Hanania, MD, Catherine Jones, NP, Sharon Tramonte, Pharm.D. & Barbara P. Yawn, MD; UTHSC‐SA: Web‐based, Interactive Professional Education in Asthma (WIPEAsthma) Tool to Disseminate Best Practice Recommendations to Healthcare Professionals
  • Jason Fish, MD‐PI, Michael Burton, MD, Tammy Chung, Pharm.D., David Leonard, PhD; UTSMC‐D: A Comparison of IHI Open School to a Faculty‐Led Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Curriculum for Undergraduate Medical Education

Clinical Collaboratives

  • Noemi Adame, MD‐PI, Anthony J. Infante, MD, Co‐PI, Rayanne Wilson, BSN & Renee Bellanger, Pharm.D.; UTHSC‐SA: The Impact of an Interprofessional Approach on the Quality of Family‐Centered Rounds, The FCR‐IPE



  • Ross (UTHSCSA): GeriSAFE Student Learners Assessing Falls Among Elders: An Interprofessional Multilevel Approach
  • Osier (UTSW): Pediatric Resident Patient Handoffs: Improving Patient Care with a Standardized Handoff

Clinical Collaborative

  • Ost (MDACC): A Multicenter Bronchoscopy Registry and Quality Improvement Collaborative for Comparative Effectiveness and Safety Research


  • Rhee (UTSW): Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer (HAPU): Evaluation and Quality Improvement of HAPU Incidence at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Refuerzo (UTHealth): Enhancing Adherence to Evidence Based Perinatal Guidelines: A Multi-center Quality Improvement Project
  • Sreeramoju (UTSW): Trial of Positive Deviance for Surgical Inpatients to Reduce Hospital Infections



  • Higgins (UTHealth): ε•piph•a•nεε
  • Patterson (UTHSCSA): Educating for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: Faculty, Graduates, and Undergraduates as Three Tiers to Success
  • Scott (UTSMCDAL): Improving Patient Safety and Healthcare Delivery Effectiveness by Ensuring Competency for Laparoscopic Surgery: FLS Training and Certification for UT Surgeons and OR Personnel

Clinical Collaborative

  • Tsai (UTHealth): Operative Checklists: Does One Size Fit All?


  • Franklin (UTHealth): Conformity, Compliance, and Error Reporting in the Emergency Department



  • Patterson (UTHSCSA): An Innovative Elective: Medicine Reconciliation in a Community Based HIV/AIDS clinic
  • Stevens (UTHSCSA): Interprofessional Clinical Education to Enhance Teamwork and Patient Safety
  • Quinn (MDACC): Linking Outcomes of Care to the ACGME/ABMS Competencies: a Matrix Solution
  • Nolan (UTHSCSA) Disclosing Unintended Outcomes/Medical Errors

Clinical Collaborative

  • Patterson (UTHSCSA): Controlling Multidrug Resistant Pathogens in the UT System


  • Amarassingham (UTSW): Electronic Risk Scoring System for Reducing Heart Failure Readmissions
  • Kao (UTHealth): Checklists, Patient Safety, and Surgical Care
  • Bernstam (UTHealth): Preventing Inpatient Errors by Improving Nurse-Doctor Communication by Telephone

Committee Members:

  1. Bruce Meyer MD
    Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    UT Southwestern Medical School
  2. Jan Patterson MD
    Professor of Medicine
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
  3. Eric J Thomas MD MPH
    Professor of Medicine
    UT Houston Medical School

Health Information Technology

InSPECt: Interactive Surveillance Portal for Evaluating Clinical decision support

National Center for Cognitive Informatics and Decision Making in Healthcare

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Safety Culture and Teamwork

Improving the Safety and Quality of Pediatric Health Care

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Quality Improvement

Optimizing Nutrition in Very Low Birth Weight Patients with Prolonged Transition to Full Enteral Feedings

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