UT to Visit the 27th Annual Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society Winter Meeting

The Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society 27th Annual Winter Meeting approaches this February 2nd – 5th, where several internationally recognized and fellowship-trained Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Specialists will be presenting and competing on various challenging clinical cases. Papers, presentations, and posters created by the department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at the McGovern Medical School will be participating at this year’s VESS meeting. The McGovern Team will be reviewing the following topics:

  • Metabolic Syndrome but Not Obesity Adversely Affects Outcomes After Open Aortoiliac Bypass Surgery by: Alexa Perlick, Charles C. Miller, III, Harleen K. Sandhu, Shaikh Afaq, Hazim J. Safi, Ali Azizzadeh, and Kristofer Charlton-Ouw
  • Indications and Outcomes of Open Inferior Vena Cava Filter Removal by Shaikh Afaq, Samuel S. Leake, Harleen K. Sandhu, Naveed U. Saqib, Ali Azizzadeh, and Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw.
  • Predictive and Prognostic Risk Factors of Renal Failure in Acute Aortic Dissection by Samuel Leake, Harleen K. Sandhu, Hazim J. Safi, Anthony L. Estrera, and Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw.
  • The Impact of Arch Involvement in Acute Type B Aortic Dissection by Hunter M. Ray, Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw, Anthony L. Estrera, Charles C. Miller, Hazim J. Safi, and Ali Azizzadeh.

This year’s meeting will be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado at the Steamboat Grand Hotel. To learn more about this year’s VESS winter meeting and download the 2017 Brochure, visit the VESS website here.