Dr. Sheila Coogan Published and Featured in Vein Magazine

UT Health’s McGovern Medical School, and UT Physicians Vascular Surgeon Sheila Coogan, MD, in partnership with Dianna Melliwitz, MD, and Hariyadarshi Pannu, PhD team together as the latest featured article in Vein Magazine.  The cover story published on February 1st, 2017, discusses the strong link between Varicose Veins, and a patient’s genes.  After analyzing several global studies, family based studies, and years of clinical experience, the trio have written and published a full article reviewing their findings on how a particular gene make-up influences the development of varicose veins.   You can read the full article here.

In addition to these genes contributing to the development of varicose veins, there are several other genetic mutations that predispose a patient to other vascular conditions. Advancements in genetic technology played a strong role in the team’s research, both in terms of collecting DNA samples, as well as analyzing genetic data.  Dr. Coogan, Dr. Melliwitz, and Hariyadarshi Pannu, PhD plan to continue their research and develop this groundbreaking study that will play a critical role in preventing, treating, and caring for patients with Varicose Veins.