Photo by Erika Kwee

The LIVE ON CV Strong 5K event held on the morning of September 8th, 2018 at United Way of Greater Houston was a huge success.  A big thank you to everyone who came and participated to show their support.

LIVE ON salutes the resilience and courage of all those who have lived through the onslaught of life-threatening and chronic vascular (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, aortic, peripheral vascular) diseases.  Finding the inspiration from these real-life heroes, the LIVE ON CV Strong 5K initiative event was created and directed towards encouraging those who are presently struggling to adjust and find a balance in life, to live on in-spite of the pain and adversities that you will endure throughout your life after the diagnosis of these life-altering conditions.  Following the 5K race event, participants joined for breakfast and conversation amongst patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and the community.  Discussion focused around the complications that arise for families undergoing the treatment and care of a loved one suffering from aortic disease. Highlights of the event included having patient, Jessica Tramaglini openly testify her experience with dealing with treatment, recovery, and the road ahead. You can read more about Jessica’s story here.

Photo by Erika Kwee

Not only does LIVE ON provide a source of light and inspiration on the seemingly dark and difficult (and oftentimes lonely) path to recovery through an outreach and support network of patients and caretakers of those suffering from vascular or aortic diseases; it also aims at providing patients the opportunity to enable learning about the chronicity and management of your illness through a unified patient (and caregiver) centered platform for education, engagement, and related resources and programs to empower you to reclaim a satisfying quality of life.

The LIVE ON CV Strong 5K was a huge success raising over $4,000 in the inaugural efforts. LIVE ON has gained momentum through the influence, passion, and determination of the regional community of Houston.  Between patients, family, friends, community members, medical professionals, and researchers, the effort to combat vascular disease has never been more of a priority.  The LIVE ON Foundation is determined to provide a glimmer of a future; a glimmer of assurance; a glimmer of hope.  The hope assuring that life does go ON before, during and after suffering from vascular disease.

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-Caliann Ferguson