Residents and Fellows

A message from GME House Staff Council:

Imad Riazuddin
PGY3, Anesthesiology

“The incredible diversity and culture of inclusion at UTHealth Houston and in the Houston metro was a big reason for why I chose to train here. Houston has been ranked the nation’s most diverse city and I am honored to serve in a position to further cultivate that culture as a representative on the GME House Staff Council.”


Meet of 2021-2022 BNGAP Fellow! Dr. Amilcar will be on-line one-year fellowship that will introduce her this year to:

  • Opportunities to publish medical education journals
  • Components and best practices to submitting a project to MedEdPORTAL
  • Work in a team to submit a scholarly project to MedEdPORTAL


Resident Spotlight:

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion mean those at the margins of society are provided access and space to be fully heard and respected. It means we challenge the status quo and ask the hard questions. It means we learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It means we learn to step outside of ourselves and see the world from new perspectives and knock down barriers that keep us away from those we label as ‘other’ and ‘unfamiliar’. DEI is important in medical education because when implemented, DEI values save the lives of patients, allow proper evaluation of URiM students/residents, and affect social and professional interactions between healthcare workers.” Read more.

a person smiling
Felisha Perry-Smith, PGY-1
Resident Physician (PGY1)
Emergency Medicine
McGovern Medical School

Upcoming Events:

  • Diversity and Equity Virtual Speaker Series: Spiritual determinates of health: Is it time to prescribe prayer? @ January 9th @ 12pm
  • Diversity and Equity Virtual Speaker Series: Imposter Syndrome –  February 23rd @ 12pm
  • BNGAP – Saturday, March 5th
  • Diversity and Equity Virtual Speaker Series: Women’s Panel – March 23rd @ 12pm
  • Diversity and Equity Virtual Speaker Series: Model Minority Myth and the Affect on Asian American Health – April 20th @ 12pm

Life at UTHealth: Greetings from our residents and fellows!