BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer System

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BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer System

BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer System

BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer System.

The BD LSRFortessa is a 5-laser flow cytometer that allows analysis of up to 13 different fluorochromes plus forward and side scatter. Applications include: cell cycle studies, apoptosis/cell viability assays, multicolor analysis and single cell FRET experiments.

Key features include:

  • Solid-state Coherent Sapphire 488nm blue laser (100mw)
  • Solid-state 445nm Blue Violet laser (40mw)
  • 405nm 100mw violet laser
  • 552nm 100mw yellow-green laser
  • 640nm 100mw red laser
  • Dichroic mirrors and bandpass filters configured to detect the following scatter parameter, fluorochromes or dyes:

Blue Laser:


SSC (488/10)

FITC/Alexa 488 (505LP; 525/50)

PE (550lp; 575/26)

PI (600LP; 610/20)

PerCP Cy5.5 (685LP; 710/50)

PerCP (677/20)


Blue VioletLaser:

CFP (515/20)

Pacific Orange (535LP; 560/40)

Violet laser:

Pacific Blue/Horizon V450 (450/50)

AmCyan/AF 430/Horizon V500 (595LP; 525/50)

Yellow-green laser:

mCherry (610/20)

mRFP/SNAP tag (582/42)

PE (582/15)

Red laser:

APC (670/30)

Alexa 700 (695LP; 730/45)

APC Cy7 (750LP; 780/60)

  •  High Throughput platform to acquires samples from a 96- or 384-well microtiter plate.

This equipment is located in MSE R303.

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