IVIS Lumina XR

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IVIS Lumina XR

IVIS Lumina XR

The IVIS Lumina XR is live, whole animal imaging system, capable of performing longitudinal  fluorescence, bioluminescence and X-ray analyses on a range of in vivo, and ex vivo subjects. Optimally designed to image mice, the IVIS Lumina XR is capable of imaging all common fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters/dyes ranging from green (~488 nm) to near-infrared. The unit also contains an isoflurane-based, gas anesthesia system, although investigators may utilize other methods of anesthesia provided they are approved by the UT-IACUC.

Inside the IVIS Lumina XR

  • High-sensitivity in vivo and in vitro imaging of fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • Back-thinned, back-illuminated grade 1 CCD provides high quantum efficiency over the entire visible to near-infrared spectrum
  • Light-tight imaging chamber
  • 8 position emission filter wheels
  • 10 position excitation filter wheels
  • 5 filter wheel choices for a broad range of fluorescence applications
  • LED lamps for photographic images
  • Heated stage to maintain optimum body temperature
  • Automated motor controlled stage, filter wheel, lens position, and f-stop

X-Ray Module

  • Average X-ray acquisition in less than 10 seconds
  • Radiation shielded Cabinet
  • Exceeds standards set by the US FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health (21 CFR-1020.40)
  • Automated image integration to overlay with Bioluminescence, Fluorescence and Photograph

In addition, the IVIS also has an optical zoom lens attachment for close up and high-resolution X-ray imaging.


This equipment is located in MSE R638.

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