Olympus 3-line simultaneous TIRF system

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Olympus 3-line simultaneous TIRF system

Olympus 3-line simultaneous TIRF system

Through the use of a generated evanescent wave, the TIRF system is able to selectively illuminate and excite fluorophores in a restricted region of sample immediately adjacent to the glass/oil interface. The TIRF system consists of an Olympus IX81 with ZDC stage control fitted with 3 lasers (443, 488, 561) to accommodate a wide range of experimental demands. Phase contrast, DIC and widefield fluorescence modalities are also available.

Key features include:

  • 3 laser lines
    • 443 nm
    • 488 nm
    • 561 nm
  • Olympus IX81F-3 motorized inverted microscope
  • Objectives:
    • 20X U Plan-Apo/0.75 NA
    • 40X U Plan-Fluor/1.30 NA Oil
    • 60X Plan-Apo/1.42 NA Oil
    • 100X Plan-Apo/TIRF 1.45 NA Oil
    • 100X Apo/TIRF 1.65 NA (requires special high refractive index oil and coverslip n=1.78)
  • Dual QuantEM cameras for simultaneous imaging



This equipment is located in MSB 4.532.

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