Toshiba collaborative agreement improves cardiac care

Originally Published: August 01, 2014 by Teresa C. Kreiner; Distinctions

When the health of your heart is in question, being diagnosed and treated by doctors who stay on the cutting edge of research is the desire of all patients. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) recently made a giant leap forward in the science of cardiovascular imaging with the installation of a new Toshiba X- Ray system in the Stewart Cardiovascular Imaging and Therapeutic Innovation Laboratory.

The Stewart lab was established in June 2011 to house the research activities of Richard Smalling, MD, PhD, professor and James D. Woods Distinguished Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine. Previously, Smalling’s basic research activities took place in an antiquated laboratory where the X-ray imaging capabilities had ceased to function, limiting the ability of Smalling and his colleagues to conduct the advanced imaging and physiologic research that had characterized their productivity in the past.

The new equipment, made possible by a collaborative agreement Toshiba, will allow Smalling and his colleagues to accelerate their current research projects by providing new 3D imaging capabilities and the opportunity for collaboration with other institutions and companies. These advances in technology will foster research projects that will lead to significant improvements in the clinical care of patients with cardiovascular diseases as well as their quality of life.