5 Stretches That Benefit the Lymphatic System and Why It Matters

You know when you’re hit with an annoying sore throat and your neck lymph nodes temporarily swell? That’s the lymphatic system at work.

According to Dr. Joseph Nevarez, MD, an assistant professor and medical director of the Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound, and Lymphedema Care at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth in Houston, TX, the lymphatic system — which is a network of tissues and organs — circulates protein-rich lymph fluid throughout the body, clearing it of infection and waste, which are filtered out by white blood cells at lymph nodes throughout the body.

Drinking water, eating healthily, avoiding pollutants, managing stress, and exercising are the key components of maintaining a healthy lymphatic system. In return, Leython Williams, DPT, a licenced physical therapist at Athletico Physical Therapy, notes that this can protect you from disease.

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