COVID-19 survivor donates plasma to help others recover from the virus

April 27, 2020

Jose Abdelnoor, 71, donates his antibody-rich plasma after surviving COVID-19. (Photo credit: Jose Abdelnoor)

Jose Abdelnoor, 71, and his wife Evelyn Diaz, 67, say they would go through the scary experience of having COVID-19 again if it means they could save a life through donating their antibody-rich plasma.

“What greater gift is there to give someone than human life?” Diaz asked.

Abdelnoor donated plasma through an experimental therapy program being investigated by physicians at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) for use at Memorial Hermann. Diaz is waiting until she has been officially recovered from the virus for at least two weeks to see if she is eligible to donate.

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Written by: Amy Laukka | April 23, 2020