Khalid Almoosa, MD, is the chief medical officer for the Katy and Cypress community hospitals at the Memorial Hermann Health System. Khalid graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1995 and completed his formal post-graduate subspecialty clinical training and board certifications in 2002 from the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Cincinnati. He then practiced pulmonary and critical care medicine in several facilities in Ohio and Texas. He also served on the faculty of two medical schools and has numerous publications, grants, and educational accomplishments. During his practice, Khalid pursued further formal training in Six Sigma quality improvement methodology, patient safety, interprofessional collaboration, and leadership, and he has just earned his MBA. He has served in several physician leadership roles and led hospital and system-wide process improvement projects and initiatives. He served as assistant or medical director for 3 ICUs, vice-chair for quality for an internal medicine department, and medical director of a Center for Inter-professional Collaboration. In his CMO role, Khalid focuses on developing and supporting physician and hospital leaders, representing the physician perspective in all decisions and discussions, engaging physicians in hospital operations and strategy, improving processes and programs that promote reliability and efficiency in the delivery of high quality healthcare, and enhancing teamwork and collaboration among all healthcare professionals.