****** Please note, we do not have a formal observership program. The first step in the process is for the applicant to identify Internal Medicine faculty that will sponsor them for an observership. We DO NOT provide information about faculty or contact information for faculty. Please review the FAQ’s prior to beginning the process  *********

The Department of Internal Medicine allows visitors to come through clinical and research areas in compliance with rules and regulations promulgated by EVP Academic & Research. Faculty members in each Internal Medicine division can be found on the individual division websites or the faculty listing page. The department does not provide names or contact information of the faculty. While we hope that all visitors have a great learning experience, visitors are not allowed on inpatient wards due to the number of learners on those services. Original completed applications must be typed and submitted to the Administrative Contact for your Faculty Sponsor at least 6 weeks in advance of the desired start date. Each visitor is charged a non-refundable application processing fee by the Department and sponsoring Division. A schedule of fees is listed in the “Fee Structure” page. Only  money orders are acceptable.

All applications require the faculty sponsor to obtain the Division Director’s approval prior to processing.

Observership Process
Internal Medicine Policy
Fee Structure
HOOP Policy 125 – Visitor
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