Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific faculty that will sponsor me in the Department of Internal Medicine?

There are no Internal Medicine faculty members who are assigned to sponsor Visitors. If you are wishing to participate in an observership/trainee/visiting scientist position, you will need to research and find a willing faculty member. The department does not provide names or contact information.

How much will I pay to do an observership?

The fee schedule is listed online. Every observer/professional trainee will pay a fee of $500. Depending on the division your faculty member is a part of, you may pay an additional amount. There is an additional fee by UT Health depending on Citizenship status.  Please review the application and contact the appropriate offices for information on their fees.

Who do I make the money order payable to?

The $500 fee to the department should be made out to the Department of Internal Medicine. Any additional fees to the Division need to be addressed to the Division. The separate application processing fee of $750 should be addressed to UTHSC – H.

What do I need to turn in with the application?

The application is assembled by the Office of Academic and Research Affairs. They have listed and included a check off sheet for all required documents. Every single item that applies to you must be checked off and completed with the application. No substitute forms will be accepted (i.e., immunizations). Any incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant.