UT HART (Houston HIV/AIDS Research Team)

UTHART Research Team Group Photo 2023

For over two decades, HART (Houston HIV/AIDS Research Team), has proudly served the Houston community by conducting clinical trials to enhance treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS and enhance prevention methods for high-risk communities.

HARTHART was founded within the very first free-standing HIV clinic in the United States, Thomas Street Health Center. To date, HART has successfully enrolled over 5500 participants in protocols that have contributed to the data that has been collected to provide better methods of both treatment and prevention that are used present day.

While HART conducts clinical trials from multiple networks, the ACTG Network (Aids Clinical Trial Group Network) whose clinical trial studies focus on the treatment aspect of persons living with HIV/AIDS, and the HPTN Network (HIV Prevention Trials Network) whose clinical trials focus more on the prevention aspect of the epidemic take the lead in the majority of the clinical trials that HART conducts.

HART’s Principal Investigators, Providers, Associates, and administrative staff have excelled in maintaining a well-respected and trustworthy relationship with the community by providing safe spaces and safe, confidential avenues of communication for both clinical & recruiting interactions for all demographics.

In addition to offering linkage to resources for medical, behavioral health, and social support needs. We believe that every participant deserves the dignity and respect that we provide with excellence. By reducing stigma, shame, and barriers that have often times presented themselves along with research, we have a valued Community Advisory Board (CAB) that examines our clinical trials and provides scientific feedback on whether our clinical trials are in the best interest of the community! Contact our research team today, by email or phone to see if you are eligible to participate in creating hope for future communities whose experiences will heavily rely on research data collected present day.