sleep-fellowshipThe Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (UTHealth) was established in 1999 and has successfully produced outstanding sleep physicians, continuing on to successful careers, both in academics and private practice. We have produced 29 graduates from our sleep fellowship to date of which 16 have entered academic medicine. Graduates of our sleep fellowship program have also gone on to become the Medical Directors of sleep disorders centers of multiple institutions, including the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Baylor Medical School, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, St. Luke’s Hospital, Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas A&M University, TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas A&M University in College Station and Case Western Reserve/UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio.

We currently offer 2 positions to candidates of all eligible backgrounds: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Neurology, Psychiatry and ENT. Training is centered at the Sleep Disorders Center at Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center, one of the original accredited sleep centers in the country. The other main training site includes the Harris Health Systems Sleep Disorders Center at Quentin Mease Hospital with its associated Sleep Clinic. We offer a 1 year program with a comprehensive. This training program will give you opportunities to evaluate and manage a broad variety of sleep disorders in adult and pediatric patients. As a fellow, you will learn the essentials of sleep medicine and develop skills for using diagnostic tools such as polysomnography, oximetry, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests, out of center sleep testing and actigraphy. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a research project. On completion of the fellowship, you should have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to direct a full-service sleep disorders center and laboratory.


The Sleep Fellowship if fully accredited as an independent program (within the Department of Internal Medicine-Division of Pulmonary Critical Care) by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


This fellowship provides the training necessary to qualify to take the multidisciplinary subspecialty examination in Sleep Medicine offered by the American Boards of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology and Pediatrics.

Polysomnogram Reading Experience

Each trainee will rotate through each of the two participating sites:  the Memorial Hermann Sleep Disorders Center, Harris Health Systems Sleep Center.  Each site offers a wealth of knowledge in sleep medicine and each has a unique perspective in sleep disorders that allows for excellent overall training and opportunities in research. The Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center Sleep disorders center, with its 6 bed sleep laboratory, offers polysomnographic evaluation for all age groups ranging from premature neonates to the elderly population. We provide training in ‘bread and butter’ sleep medicine (evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea in adults and children, nocturnal seizures and movement disorders, narcolepsy and other hypersomnolence syndromes, out of center sleep testing),  in addition to experience using ‘state of the art’ modalities for the treatment  of complex sleep syndromes, hypoventilation syndromes (noninvasive ventilation for obesity hypoventilation syndromes and neuromuscular disorders) and congenital syndromes. Three months will be spent at the Harris Health Systems Sleep center housed at the Quentin Mease Community Hospital. Here, you will again manage all types of sleep disorders but with a higher level of severity and with a more hands on approach. Experience at the TIRR neurologic facility and MD Anderson Cancer Center will also be available.

Outpatient Experience

Fellows will attend two half day continuity clinics each week at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center Professional Building and at the Quentin Mease sleep clinic. Management and interrogation of the positive airway (PAP) devices, interpretation of the PAP usage reports, cognitive behavioral therapy on patients with insomnia, management of cataplexy and narcolepsy, ordering and interpretating of actigraphy, ordering and interpretion of out of center sleep testing.  In addition each fellow will be provided a ‘tailored’ subspecialty experience in outpatient psychiatry, ENT, pediatrics, pulmonary and neurology.

Scholarly Activities

During the first week of training, we send our fellows to the Alvin Community College for a one day course in the application of practical polysomnography, where they learn how to set up a patient and in addition, receive an overview of the different PAP devices and mask interfaces. Tuesday afternoons are dedicated to the core sleep lecture series which has been carefully planned out to cover each sleep topic both for preparation of the Sleep board examinations and to prepare for real life practice of Sleep Medicine. We review the AASM practice parameters, discuss challenging cases and review recent journal articles to help us answer questions during patient care activities. Once a month the fellows have the opportunity to attend a City Wide Conference, a multidisciplinary conference, where an outside speaker will talk on a subject in their area of specialty. Every year each fellow has completed abstracts in sleep research and have been sent, on behalf of the department, to present at both regional and national meetings.

For further information on the fellowship, please contact us:

Matthew Longoria
Fellowship Coordinator, Sleep Medicine Fellowship
6431 Fannin Street | MSB 1.434| Houston, Texas 77030
713-500-6861 tel | 713-500-6829 fax

Ruckshanda Majid, M.D. FCCP, D.ABSM
Program Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship
6431 Fannin Street | MSB 1.266 | Houston, Texas 77030
713-500-6845 tel | 713-500-6829 fax