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Breast pump hacks

  1. Use your hands– Massaging your breast prior to pumping may increase the amount of milk you are able to express. See this video for an example of breast massage before pumping
  2. Use a comfortable suction setting Set the suction control at your highest most comfortable setting. If you are having pain with pumping, try decreasing the level of suction you are using. Pain when pumping or feeding decreases your milk supply.
  3. Make sure your pump flange is the correct size. The pump flange is the funnel-like part that goes against the breast with the nipple centered in the opening. If your breast tissue squeezes too far into this tunnel, it will compress your milk ducts and reduce the flow. It will also feel uncomfortable.

Cleaning your breast pump

The Lactation Foundation uses two types of personal pumps:

Visit the websites for the manufacturer recommendations on cleaning these pumps.

Storing breast milk for your baby

See the above links for Centers for Disease Control instructions on safe storage of breast milk.

The skill all new mothers need to have

Removing milk from the breast by hand is a valuable skill for mothers. It can help you obtain more milk than only using a breast pump plus, it is always available.



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