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Breast pumps

Some women never use a breast pump and others will never latch their baby to the breast and use only a breast pump. Whatever you decide, these pointers can help you choose and use a breast pump.

  1. Manual Breast Pumps-They are great when mom is infrequently away from baby and is already making milk.  They function by mother squeezing and controlling the suction and frequency of compression.They typically cost less than electric breast pumps.
  2. Personal Electric Breast Pumps-Great for moms who are returning to work or school. Most personal electric pumps allow mom to express both breast at the same time and can save time. They are powered by electricity or batteries. Typically, the electric powered pumps maintain suction and cycles more effectively.
  3. Hospital Grade Breast PumpsMost often used when mothers deliver a premature or sick baby. They offer more cycles and suction control settings and are usually rented.

The Affordable Care Act requires that most insurance companies provide breast pumps for mothers and babies who are breastfeeding. Call your insurance company to see which pump you are able to receive.

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