Monthly Movie Night kicked off in November 2014

The McGovern Center launched a new educational opportunity featuring monthly film screenings. Monthly Movie Night kicked off on Wednesday, November 19, with a screening of Shutter Island (2010) at UTHealth’s medical school; a second movie night was held on Wednesday, January 14, in MSB 2.006. Students from all six UTHealth schools were invited to attend for a screening and discussion of Synecdoche, New York (2008). Pizza was served and the movie was followed by a lively discussion among the students in attendance.

Led by medical students Matthew Marget, Alex Aria, and Drew Bean, with guidance from Woods Nash, PhD, Monthly Movie Night will offer a variety of creative, thought-provoking films, from feature flicks to documentaries, indie efforts, and more. While some films will contain medical themes, many will not. A brief conversation will follow each movie, encouraging students to attend more closely to narrative features of cinema—such as mood, perspective, and characterization—that might strengthen their clinical skills, such as their ability to interview patients carefully. By including students from across the UTHealth campus, Monthly Movie Night promotes interprofessional dialogue.