McGovern Center sponsors new blue book electives

Each year, the McGovern Center sponsors a variety of extracurricular electives throughout the academic year. In addition to usual offerings, such as Art of Observation and Introduction to Medical Humanities, several new courses will be presented:

  • Climate Change and Human Health: Presented by Thomas Cole, PhD, Susan Pacheco, MD, and David Kline, MLitt, MDiv, topics address scientific and humanistic perspectives relevant to climate change and health.
  • Enhancement Medicine and the American Self: Woods Nash, PhD, will facilitate this six-week-long series that uses Carl Elliott’s book Better Than Well: American Medicine Meets the American Dream as a guide. The course will explore the relationship between enhancement medicine and cultural images and ideas that shape individual’s quests to be “better than well.”
  • Nurturing Resilience and Care: Organized into three themes (Wisdom, Ethics, and Concentration), this elective will engage participants in meditative and contemplative techniques to strengthen resiliency and capacity to care for frail and dying patients. Thomas Cole, PhD and Koshin Paley Ellison, MFA, LMSW, DMin, will lead the sessions.

The History of Medicine series has long featured interesting topics from medical history and will continue with a new theme: “Living Histories.” Presentations will be conducted in an interview format and will welcome individuals who have been part of medical history. As in past years, the series is open to all members of UTHealth as well as the Texas Medical Center.