McGovern Center members publish article about The Brewsters

November 6, 2015

The Brewsters

The Brewsters is an e-book and interprofessional ethics education initiative at UTHealth, presenting concepts of clinical ethics, professionalism, and research ethics to incoming students campus-wide. Since its implementation, nearly 800 students have participated in reading the e-book and completing assessments to measure knowledge gain of ethics and professionalism. Members of the McGovern Center published recently an article in Nursing Ethics. to report on the first year of The Brewsters. Written by Cathy Rozmus, PhD, RN, Nathan Carlin, PhD, Angela Polczynski, MBA, Jeffrey Spike, PhD, and Richard Buday, FAIA, the paper presents research findings from The Brewsters assessments. Overall, students exhibited a statistically significant knowledge gain on the concepts covered in the book. Students also reported positive experiences reading the book and participating in this innovative activity.