Several members of the McGovern Center presented at conferences held in February and March. During this year’s University of Texas System Innovations in Health Science Education Conference, Rebecca Lunstroth, J.D., M.A., and Sylvia Villarreal, M.P.H., M.Ed., presented, “The Sacred Vocation Program: Nurturing the Care Giver,” and Eugene Boisaubin, M.D., presented “Identifying and Assisting the Impaired Resident in Training,” alongside Monica Guidry, L.C.S.W.. Program coordinator and doctoral candidate, Angela Polczynski, M.B.A., presented research exploring whether incorporating particular program features relate to student performance at the annual Southwest Educational Research Association conference in New Orleans, LA.

The Annual Conference on Medicine and Religion was held recently and centered on the theme, “Approaching the Sacred: Science, Health, and Practices of Care.” Rebecca Lunstroth moderated the panel, “The Sacred Vocation Program: Nurturing the Healers,” featuring panelists Sylvia Villarreal, Chick Deegan, M.A., B.S.N., Sr. Susan Evelyn, R.S.M., and Denice S. Foose, B.C.C., M.B.A.  Nathan Carlin, Ph.D. also presented “Bioethics and Theology: A Pastoral Perspective” at the conference.