MSIV students stage mock trial to learn about jurisprudence

How do fourth-year McGovern Medical School students learn about Texas jurisprudence? By staging a mock trial, of course. The case explores whether the defendant, Dr. Maxwell, committed malpractice by failing to schedule the plaintiff for a colonoscopy.

The students (from left to right) played the following roles: Basit Jawad, defense’s expert witness; Collin Mulcahy, defendant, Dr. Maxwell; Caleb Euhus, defense attorney; Tricia Lenihan, plaintiff’s attorney; Kim Feng, plaintiff, Marsha Ames; and Lorena Do Val, plaintiff’s expert. In the center is course director and judge, Rebecca Lunstroth, JD.

Similarly, students learn what happens when a disgruntled patient files a complaint with the Texas Medical Board in a mock administrative hearing. During both sessions, students are given opportunities to vote on numerous issues including innocence and guilt and the appropriate penalties.