Medical students learn about poverty in simulation

July 30, 2018

Student participate in Poverty Simulation

The Houston Chronicle‘s Jenny Deam wrote about the Poverty Simulation led by the McGovern Center’s associate director, Rebecca Lunstroth, JD. During the simulation, third-year medical students experience hardships related to poverty that are often a reality for patients. The simulation was developed originally to help social service workers develop empathy by a group in Missouri, which Lunstroth felt would benefit medical students as well. Deam’s article gives a follow-up to the poverty simulation, in which students participated nearly six weeks ago. While on rounds at UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center with J. Chase Findley, MD (Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), students share that lessons learned from the simulation stick with them as they see patients. One student reports acknowledging the barriers to patients’ taking prescribed medications, such as cost, and another student shares newfound recognition that there’s always more to a patient’s story.

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