Anson Koshy interviewed by WebMD

WebMD‘s Camille Noe Pagán published an article in mid-July in which Anson Koshy, MD, MBE, was interviewed. In the piece, “Is It Immaturity or ADHD?” Pagán notes that younger kids may exhibit behaviors some may mistake for ADHD. Koshy explains the developmental gap between the youngest and oldest kids in a school grade may be up to a year, which is a big gap accounting possibly for younger kids’ difficulty sitting still or paying attention in class. Many children outgrow these behaviors, Koshy notes, and he cautions parents’ rushing for diagnosis of ADHD. He suggests they observe first their child’s behavior outside of the classroom. If, indeed, your child is diagnosed with ADHD, Koshy suggests behavioral therapy is often a better first-step before pursuing medication. Therapy in combination with parent training, he explains “Makes the biggest difference for kids.”