New blog post by Keisha Ray focuses on aging

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
February 26, 2019

BioethicsTV: #OneDayAtATime and Our Aging Family Members” is the title of a recent blog post authored by Keisha Ray, PhD. In the post, Ray discusses aging and our responsibilities to aging family members using the Netflix series, One Day at a Time. Likening Lydia, the lively grandmother on the show, to her own grandmother Anita, Ray reminds us that our loved ones still have a say in how they choose to live. As Ray states, “We want to hold on to them for as long as possible […] but aging doesn’t mean that they must be forced to turn over the reins of their life.” We must also remember that it’s our responsibility to help aging family members live as they choose at the end of their lives, not force our will onto them, as noted by Ray.