Gun Violence and Physicians blue book discussed in AAMCNews

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
August 15, 2019

Since Spring 2018, Gun Violence and Physicians: What You Need to Know has been offered as a blue book elective at McGovern Medical School. Sponsored by the McGovern Center, the course was developed by medical students Michael Bagg and Marina Ibraheim with Rebecca Lunstroth, JD, MA, serving as their faculty advisor. The course includes presentations that focus on various aspects, including the mental impacts on patients and physicians, what happens when a bullet hits a body, physician advocacy, and how to talk with patients about guns. Though an often politically charged topic, the course avoids wading into political debates about firearms.

Gun Violence and Physicians was described in a recent piece by Lindsay Kalter in AAMCNews alongside gun safety curricula at Miller School of Medicine (University of Miami), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.