Michael Bagg writes opinion piece on studying gun violence

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
August 21, 2019

Michael Bagg recently wrote an opinion piece for the Houston Chronicle. In the piece, Bagg, a student of McGovern Medical School, briefly discusses his role in developing the blue book elective, “Gun Violence and Physicians: What You Need to Know,” with a fellow medical student. He also shares his experiences of frantically calling loved ones in his hometown of El Paso after hearing of the recent mass shooting.

Bagg’s purpose in writing the op-ed, however, is to highlight the lack of research on gun violence, which he writes, has created “significant gaps in knowledge regarding commonly proposed gun violence solutions.” Further, he identifies organizations—University of California, Davis; Massachusetts General Hospital; and Johns Hopkins University—that have established gun violence research centers, questioning why Texas has none despite tragedies in Sutherland Springs, Santa Fe, and El Paso. To that end, Bagg urges the Texas Medical Center to establish a research center focused on gun violence prevention in hopes of providing an “important regional perspective currently missing from academic discussions on gun violence prevention.”