Blog by Keisha Ray discusses black bioethics and mainstream bioethics

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
August 6, 2020

Black Bioethics and How the Failures of the Profession Paved the Way for Its Existence,” is the title of the latest blog authored by Keisha Ray, PhD.  In the blog, Ray notes that “black bioethics has been having its moment,” sharing that other groups, including Latinx and immigrant populations, have emerged in response to being left out of mainstream bioethics. “Vulnerable populations, and those external and sometimes internal factors that make certain populations vulnerable, is an essential topic in bioethics,” Ray writes, yet “Bioethics’ unwillingness to bend to cultural and professional shifts has created the need for black bioethics.” Ray concludes that black bioethics and other subgroups focusing on marginalized people’s health are helping bioethics remain relevant at a time when people are asking for real, lasting social change.