Medical students share stories and art at Off Script

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
April 22, 2022

Since June 2016, the McGovern Center has co-sponsored Off Script: Stories from the Heart of Medicine alongside Baylor College of Medicine’s Narrative Medicine Program. These one-hour events focus on different themes, featuring stories and artist works from members of the Texas Medical Center community.

A recent Off Script event was held on April 6 and included works from Nancy Glass (Baylor College of Medicine), Deborah Harter (Rice University), Aliah Lavonne Tigh (Texas Poet), Ann Stout (Baylor College of Medicine), Hachem Bey (Rice University), and Murali Premkumar (Baylor College of Medicine). The event’s theme was “Lost or Found.”

Once a collaborative event of the McGovern Center and Baylor College of Medicine’s Narrative Medicine Program, new co-sponsors include Inprint, Rice University’s Medical Humanities Program, and the University of Houston College of Medicine.

See photos by Dwight Andrews (MMS Office of Communications)