Gabrielle Morrissey Hansen has been a key opinion leader in sexual health and relationships for over twenty-five years. In addition to her distinguished academic qualifications in health and education, and research on sexuality and relationships, Gabrielle has a highly successful track record in the media: in television, radio, and print. Gabrielle first became a respected voice of her generation, with the publication of her first book in Australia, Sex in the Time of Generation X in 1996. Since then Gabrielle has written two more books, both of which continue to be in print internationally by HarperCollins.

Always a writer, Gabrielle is a nationally syndicated health columnist in Australia, and has been in print every week since 2002. Gabrielle’s columns continue to appear in print and online and her blog remains the “most clicked on” for all published articles across the website, next to “dieting”. She aims to change this by making love and relationships ranked number one by 2019.

Gabrielle was a regular on-air contributor to Australia’s leading national breakfast television show, Sunrise, as their health+lifestyle producer and expert talent. Since moving to Houston, Gabrielle has appeared on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan several times a year since 2015.

In radio, Gabrielle has been able to reach a massive audience globally, through hosting her own syndicated show, The Naked Truth. It reached audiences across Australia on the FM dial, and overseas through its online channels. She has conducted interviews with MTV celebrity expert Dr. Drew Pinsky, Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, and an array of health professionals and television personalities, all discussing relationships, body image, and sexual health. Using her warmth, ingenuity, and persuasiveness, Gabrielle prides herself on having secured every interview on her own, without the aid of a single public relations or marketing firm.

Professionally outside of the media, Gabrielle has held academic positions at three Australian universities in health science, medicine, and psychology and now is the Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship housed at the University of Texas at Houston McGovern Medical School Center for Humanities and Ethics where she is also appointed as Adjunct Professor. Gabrielle’s goals include to increase the profile, scope and service of the Fellowship across Houston as well as add more teaching and learning opportunities at the Center for Humanities and Ethics at the McGovern Medical School.

Fifteen years ago, Gabrielle’s expertise and dynamic speaking style caught the attention of the global executives group, Young Presidents’ Organization, and she has presented to over twenty YPO chapters across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Gabrielle has also spoken to pharmaceutical companies and medical associations, non-profits across health and education sectors, children’s charities, cancer groups, science symposiums, women in leadership conferences and many more. Gabrielle was included in the 2009 edition of “Who’s Who Australian Women” compendium and in 2014 her name alone “Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey” ranked as the number one most searched term on, the health site for News Corp, founded and owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Gabrielle’s Masters is in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. is in Health Science from Curtin University in Australia. Gabrielle’s mother, Di Morrissey is Australia’s best-selling female novelist. Gabrielle’s father, Peter Morrissey, is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Diplomat who served thirty years overseas, and was among the very first group of Peace Corps volunteers, selected by President John F. Kennedy.

Whether Gabrielle is speaking one on one with a Fellow, a student, a professional colleague, a client, or whether publicly addressing thousands in a theatre, Gabrielle delivers the same sincere belief that health is paramount, human connection and relationships are vital, and each one of us can make a positive difference in our world.


Bachelor of Arts
University of California, Santa Barbara
Master of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Doctor of Philosophy
Curtin University