November 11, 2021

Deborah Franklin and Nathan Carlin discuss dentistry in health humanities

“Where is Dentistry in Health Humanities?” is the title of a recent blog post authored by Deborah Franklin, DDS, MA, LPC and Reverend Nathan Carlin, PhD. The post appears on the American Journal of Bioethics blog and, in it, Franklin…

August 6, 2020

Blog by Keisha Ray discusses black bioethics and mainstream bioethics

“Black Bioethics and How the Failures of the Profession Paved the Way for Its Existence,” is the title of the latest blog authored by Keisha Ray, PhD.  In the blog, Ray notes that “black bioethics has been having its…

June 10, 2020

Keisha Ray’s work featured in toolkit for Bioethics and Race has created the #BlackBioethics Toolkit, a resource featuring articles, blogs, and more on bioethics and race. The toolkit focuses specifically on African Americans and Black people in the United States. Among the resources are works by Keisha Ray, PhD,…

July 24, 2019

Keisha Ray discusses medical photos and women’s health in recent blog

Keisha Ray, PhD, recently wrote a blog post for the American Journal of Bioethics titled, “Medical Photos, CPR Dolls, and Car Crash Dummies: When Women Aren’t Represented in Research We Fail Women’s Health.” In the blog, Ray discusses the viral…

April 23, 2019

Blog post by Keisha Ray focuses on anti-fat bias

Reflecting on personal experience, Keisha Ray, PhD, authored a blog post on about fat bias titled, “Going to the Doctor While Fat.” Ray describes her experience of a doctor’s appointment to discuss her concern with rapid weight gain. Despite…

April 10, 2019

Keisha Ray named associate editor of AJOB blog

Keisha Ray, PhD, is a frequent contributor to the blog, hosted by the American Journal of Bioethics. This month Ray was invited to become the blog’s associate editor. In the role, Ray will help to oversee the contributions made…

February 26, 2019

New blog post by Keisha Ray focuses on aging

Keisha Ray wrote recently a blog post contemplating aging and our responsibilities to our aging families.