October 14, 2021

McGovern students learn the Art of Observation

In the health care industry, physicians are usually asked for their expertise, whether that be through diagnosis, or recommendations on treatment, however a lot of the time, they are never asked how they are feeling. The Art of Observation, a…

April 2, 2020

Dermatology blue book elective featured in Scoop

The Humanities in Dermatology is the latest blue book sponsored by the McGovern Center and a collaborative offering with McGovern Medical School’s Department of Dermatology. Led by medical student Padmavathi Karri, the series facilitates opportunities for medical students to engage…

November 21, 2019

Coordinators of Gun Violence & Physicians among winners of national poster competition

The American Medical Association recently recognized the efforts of several McGovern Medical School students and faculty member, Sandra McKay, MD.  The team won the student category for “Medical Education or Wellness Innovation” at this year’s EXPO Research Symposium Poster Competition,…