January 5, 2023

Center director discusses professional identity formation

Education toward professionalism is more than being skilled and knowledgeable. It requires a lifelong transformational change in how we think, act, and feel as doctors. This professional formation (Turning Pro) is shaped by the community in which we are surrounded….

April 30, 2021

Virtual conference on experiences of early-career physicians hosted

“Varieties of Medical Experience: Early-Career Physicians Write Their Lives,” was the title of a recent virtual conference organized by Nathan Carlin, PhD. Participants in the conference were alumni of the Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration. The news story below discusses the…

January 23, 2021

Meditation and burnout at center of new article

“Meditation for Healing Burnout” is the title of a new article appearing in Alternative and Complementary Therapies in which Alejandro Chaoul, PhD, shares his insights about the use of meditation to address burnout. In the publication, Chaoul shares about using…